Thunder beat Lakers/Clippers during LA trip

The Thunder looked amazing during their stay in Los Angeles.  They beat the Lakers by close to 40 points on Wednesday night, then beat the Clippers by 10 points the following night.  These two games were exactly the type of performance that we were expecting from this team, when all three all stars were hitting on all cylinders.  However, it seems like a new key player emerged on this trip in Terrance Ferguson as the rookie was spectacular in these two games.

Russell Westbrook was brilliant as usual, and Carmelo Anthony seems to be finding his stroke as he has been very efficient as of late, but these two nights belonged to Paul George.  There remains a lot of speculation surrounding Paul George and his impending free agency, and PG hasn’t been shy to express how he feels about playing in Los Angeles.  As the Thunder continue to gel and PG finds himself having nights such as these past two nights it may become harder and harder to abandon OKC.  Not only that, but this Thunder team does seem destined to make a splash during this year’s playoffs, and don’t be surprised if they surpass expectations.

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