NBA Power Rankings: Top 10 Teams

Let’s breakdown the status of the top teams in the NBA starting with the…

1.  Golden State Warriors:  What else can we say?  The Warriors have the best record in the league, but even if they didn’t, they clearly have the best team in the league.  They were able to sustain the winning standard while Steph Curry was out with injury, but now that he’s back they’re at full force.  However, Kevin Durant missed his last game with an apparent injury, so we’ll see how that develops.

2.  Houston Rockets:  Yes, they’ve lost a few games recently and James Harden will be sidelined for at least a couple of weeks, but this team has too much firepower, and as long as there is a playmaker of the caliber of Harden or CP3 on the floor to make this team go, they’ll easily remain the second best team in the league.

3.  Cleveland Cavaliers:  Now I understand that both the Celtics and the Raptors have a better record than the Cavs, but the Cavs remain the best team in the Eastern Conference, and Isaiah Thomas is back from injury adding another All Star to an already powerful roster.

4.  Boston Celtics:  The Celtics have been incredibly consisten this year, they’ve had some bad losses, but for the most part have remained on track to finish with the best record in the East, though they’re not the best team in the conference as mentioned above.  This team is extremely talented and well coached, and should have no issues keeping up their level of play.

5.  San Antonio Spurs:  This is the lowest I’m willing to rank the San Antonio Spurs at this point.  They’re not as consistent as they’ve been in years past, but the machine is still up and running.  They tend to turn up the heat after the All Star game in preparation for the playoffs to start, so stay tuned, this team is not going anywhere.

6.  Oklahoma City Thunder:  This team is finally showing signs of what we expected they would be at the beginning of the season.  The Big 3 appears to be getting more comfortable with each other by the day and are definitely headed in the right direction.  They need to show more consistency in beating the teams they should be beating, cause we can never tell any given night they’ll lose to a G-League team.

7.  Toronto Raptors:  The Raptors have definitely been surpassing expectations and playing above their limitations record-wise.  This is a team whose core has been together for a long time and know how to play together, the obstacle as always will be transferring that regular season success into the playoffs.  However, as of right now they’re the 7th best team in the league.

8.  Minnesota Timberwolves:  The Timberwolves as the Raptors have been surpassing expectations.  Many people thought they’d be pretty good, but not 4th seed in the West good.  There’s still plenty of basketball to be played and they’re not too far off falling off playoff contention if they don’t keep this up throughout the entire season.  It has been forever since the Timberwolves smelled the playoffs, so let’s not get out hopes up just yet.

9.  Washington Wizards:  The combination of Bradley Beal and John Wall has been unconscious and Scott Brooks has done a hell of a job with this team overall.  It is likely they’ll hold on to the 4th seed in the East, although, like OKC, we never know when the Wizards will get beat up by a much lesser team, so they need to work on being more consistent with their play and find a way to elevate their game during the playoffs.

10.  Miami Heat:  The Heat have found the magic touch once again.  This is a team that may or may not do some damage come playoff time, but they’re never an easy out.

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