Joel Embiid dunks on Russell Westbrook

So what?  

Everyone has overreacted to Embiid’s dunk over Russell Westbrook during the Thunder’s win against the 76ers at Oklahoma City.  Let’s not forget that Joel Embiid is seven feet tall, and that Russell Westbrook is nearly a whole foot shorter than him.  Westbrook tried to take the charge, and the refs didn’t call it, there was nothing impressive about that dunk, and nothing that Embiid should be bragging about.  Would we be reacting the same way if instead of Westbrook it would have been a dunk over Allen Iverson instead?  The only thing that provides so much hype about this dunk is that it happened to the reigning MVP, but there’s nothing noteworthy about this incident.

Lost in all of this nonsense is the fact that the Thunder swept the 76ers in the regular season matchup and are currently on an eight game winning streak, hitting on all offensive cylinders at the moment, and looking scarier and scarier as the season progresses.

Next up:  Thunder at Wizards on Tuesday night.

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